Let’s talk……..

After reformating your PC or mobile phone, the first thing you check out is internet connectivity and test it.

The best option… is to communicate with your friends online….

The current scene is that you have already opened up multiple accounts,

one for your relatives,…..

other for your college friends,….

another to get connected with your loved ones…..

This list is endless.

This is acceptable, as everyone wants privacy and priviledge to talk with person he/she wants to communicate.

But installing messengers for every account created is a tedious process.

You give up….. with a thought “why did I create so many at start” ….

There is a solution to this problem .. 🙂

Go for instant messengers which can add all your accounts created.

How do they work?

1) Install the software which supports multiple accounts on your PC/mobile or use web based softwares.

2) Add the accounts you have created.

Conventions used while adding accounts:

Protocol or Accounts : GMAIL,HOTMAIL,FACEBOOK,YAHOO,Gadu,Gadu.

UserName : your login name for each of the above accounts.

Password : password for each.

3) You are done. Get connected.. with the group you wish to chat 🙂