IE 9 The Beauty of WEB

iepic  Internet Explorer 9 Beta.. is out. IE9 is available for versions starting from Windows Vista,Windows 7..and supported for 32 bit and 64 bit.Gave it a try and spotted some real good features.

1) Sending images to Bluetooth devices from Browser itself.

If you have your mobile paired with your PC using Bluetooth, any image that you wish to send to your mobile can be easily sent from IE9 itself  by right clicking on an image and selecting Send Image to Bluetooth Device. I got the image real fast in my Nokia 7230 device. This saves a lot time…

alt image

2) Better printing and print preview options.

Printing support and print preview option is good in IE9. You can change the font, enable/disable background images and , set headers and footers etc.




3) Add site to Start Menu. 

You surf a site everyday.. Rather than opening the browser and clicking on bookmarks, IE9 provides a nice feature of pinning the site to Start Menu.

image  imageimage

4) IE 9 Developer Tools are great.. Excellent traffic capturing, viewing link paths, Validating html,css etc… I guess one line is not enough.. Shoud be writing another blog to explore only the IE9 developer tools…..

image imageimage

5) This is what I wished … Tracking and viewing  your downloads in IE9 … It is there 🙂


6) Great support for HTML5,CSS3 and really good rendering capabilities… You can download and explore IE9 at