Let’s talk……..

After reformating your PC or mobile phone, the first thing you check out is internet connectivity and test it.

The best option… is to communicate with your friends online….

The current scene is that you have already opened up multiple accounts,

one for your relatives,…..

other for your college friends,….

another to get connected with your loved ones…..

This list is endless.

This is acceptable, as everyone wants privacy and priviledge to talk with person he/she wants to communicate.

But installing messengers for every account created is a tedious process.

You give up….. with a thought “why did I create so many at start” ….

There is a solution to this problem .. 🙂

Go for instant messengers which can add all your accounts created.

How do they work?

1) Install the software which supports multiple accounts on your PC/mobile or use web based softwares.

2) Add the accounts you have created.

Conventions used while adding accounts:

Protocol or Accounts : GMAIL,HOTMAIL,FACEBOOK,YAHOO,Gadu,Gadu.

UserName : your login name for each of the above accounts.

Password : password for each.

3) You are done. Get connected.. with the group you wish to chat 🙂

Site Aggregator in SharePoint

Most often you Google about links and you come across something favorite..

Next time you wish to visit the same link..

You wished you know the site of that link ……… If I had just bookmarked..is your next thought…….

So why not add these favorites’ links at one place instead of bookmarking across many browsers……

SharePoint 2007 has a built-in site aggregator . Best use it 😉

Simple steps :

1) Add the site aggregator web part.


2) Select the site which you always click.




3) Add your favorite site URL to the site URL in the picture given below ..……


4) Navigate to your favorite link right from SharePoint … …………

Ohh ………. but what you come across this error….


5) Remove the layout roots…… folder mapping and then check…… Error is gone …..


This would show you….your desired page…


Reference Links that helped me figure out  :



Shape Collage

It is a free collage making tool…It let’s you create collage of any shape and size..
I found it the best because it is very easy to use and you decide the way your collage has
to be.
What you require is just a Java runtime 1.5 onwards and the shape collage tool
that you can download from here.Shape Collage

This is how you create a collage.

1. Add photos.
2. In the right pane check…

Shape tab.
a) Select the shape you want.You can have your custom shape too..
b) Select the width and the height of the collage.
c) You can also select the size of the each pic that you have added.
d) The number of a pics in a collage.
e) Spacing between the pics..More the spacin better visible are all the pics.

3.Appearance tab.
a) You can have transparent,colored or an image as the background.
b) You can select the border color for all pics and its thickness.

4. Advanced tab.
a) Here you decide to what angle every pic shuld rotate.
b) the shadow in x and y direction can be set.
c) Jagged Boundary…Photos of ununequal size.

5. Check the preview of the shape of the collage.
6. And now click on create…Save the collage…

Shape Collage Tool

Shape Collage Tool

Setting background and the border properties

Setting background and the border properties

Setting the rotation,the shadow properties of the pics in collage

Setting the rotation,the shadow properties of the pics in collage

Here you draw the shape for your collage

Here you draw the shape for your collage

Collage made of the shape selected.

Collage made of the shape selected.