Mapping Domain Expertise to Software Applications

Many times when developers code for an application, they fail to understand what is expected as the end result and what has to be showcased.

Every line of code written has to be as per the business rules and should fulfill expectations of the clients and customers.

Then how does the developer understand what to code?

Who is going to give him knowledge about do’s and dont’s in coding ………

Answer is Domain Experts.

A domain expert has profound knowledge on one subject.

They are encyclopedia and in a particular area of endeavor.

Mapping domain expertise to software applications is a well-planned process.

Below are few points to get you started in absence of domain experts  :

1) Read well,before you code.

2) Document “references” in excel sheets. References could be links you visit,e-books, online newsletters your read to gain information about the project.

3) Share your views and opinions with your peers and seniors. Get into group discussions and ask for

4) Draw architecture diagrams to give yourself a better picture of coding rightly as per the business rules in the coming
iterations of the projects.

5) Once the aim of the project is clear , understand functional specifications .

6) Optimize and improve performance as per the business rules of your project.

Below is the pictorial representation for above steps.