Install a ThemePack on Windows 7

Bored of seeing the same desktop background or resetting from the ones already available…. Wishing to have a new theme. Confused how to get a brand new theme for your desktop and install it…

This post is targetting  “How you can personalize your desktop themes once you get a “Themepack”.

The below steps will install theme pack irrespective of version of operating system for Windows7 ,be it 64 bit or 32 bit.

So here we go:

Step 1: Get a new ThemePack for Windows 7. Click on the link to download Themepacks. . You will cone across the below screen.




Step 2 : Save the downloaded Theme pack file at any location and double click to install the theme for your PC.



Step 3: To set the current theme , you can go by any of the two ways:

Way 1:

1) Right click on desktop and click personalize.



Way 2:

1) Go to Control Panel Home.


2) Select Appearance and Personalization

3) Select Personalization.

You will come across the same screen as below any of the options chosen.


Select the theme installed and there you go… New Cool Theme for your Windows 7… Enjoy… Smile


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