Windows XP mode in Windows 7(Part 2)

My last blog gave information to check virtualization support for your PC.

Now the further steps:

  • Select the correct operating system for Windows XP mode. (Else downloading a 500 mb file will be a waste.)
  • Then download Windows Virtual PC.

Install Windows XP , then Windows Virtual PC and after restarting you get to see the following options.


Click on the Windows XP Mode . Start the setup. Select the installation folder. Enter your credentials and continue.

The instructions for how to use Windows XP mode are well explained  during the installation process. Read them and get started working on your very own Windows XP …

Here are some snapshots.

pic4  pic5

After complete installation ,you see what you wish. So enjoy using XP on Win7.


You can also play with the Virtual PC settings for your Windows XP mode .For e.g. ( Actions to be taken while shutting down a virtual machine).



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