Windows XP mode in Windows 7(Part 1).

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 makes it easy to install and run many Windows XP  applications directly from your Windows 7-based PC.

Windows Virtual PC is the latest Microsoft virtualization technology for Windows 7. It is the runtime engine for Windows XP Mode to provide a virtual Windows environment for Windows 7. Applications that have compatibility issues with Windows 7 but ran successfully on Windows XP also run on XP mode provided by  Windows Virtual PC.

What you need to check to run the XP mode:

1) Check whether your hardware supports virtualization.Click this link.Microsoft Hardware Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool .Install and run the tool.

2) Cases after running the tool.

a ) Computer does not have hardware requirement for Virtualization

b ) Computer has hardware support  but it is not enabled.

c ) Computer is configured with hardware-assisted virtualization.

In my case the hardware was not enabled.I came across this message.


For Dell models,here are the instructions listed . Check out this link for other models of computers..How do I change virtualization settings in BIOS?.

  • Press F12. Go to BIOS Settings. Virtualization is turned off by default . Enable it.
  • Save settings and then exit.Else changes done, wont apply.
  • Restart.

Here are snapshots of working in BIOS.

BIOS settings   Virtualization option in BIOS   Initalling disabled. 

 032 033

After  enabling  Virtualization in your PC,running the HAV tool gives you this message.


Once done,go ahead and install Windows Virtual PC.

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  1. Abin_AA Says:

    Very useful. Thanks.

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